Are You Prepared for a Property Disaster? Take the Four Question Quiz

property disaster

If you’re faced with filing a property insurance claim, the odds are something has just gone terribly wrong.

House fire. Burst water pipe. Tree crashed through the roof.

At such a time, you understandably might be distraught, overwhelmed, and unclear about what to do. Yet this is precisely the moment when fast action is needed. The first few hours after a property disaster or fire damage, and your first contact with the insurance company, can make the difference between a full restoration and a devastating financial loss.

How prepared are you to act decisively to protect your interests in the moment of a disaster? Test your preparedness with the Four Question Quiz:

  1. Do I understand my insurance policy?
    What is covered under my terms? Do I have full replacement cost?
  2. Do I know my rights when dealing with my insurer?
    What should I say or shouldn’t I say? What am I owed? Should I accept the first offer or ask for more?
  3. Do I understand my obligations after a loss?
    Do I need to protect my home from further damages or will my insurance carrier send someone to start emergency mitigation?
  4. What should be the first call I make if I experience a property loss?
    Who will protect my best interests?

A company adjuster is sent out by the insurance carrier to protect their interests. Who is protecting yours?

A public adjuster is a licensed consumer advocate with a single goal: to advocate for the policyholder. At Cleveland Public Adjusters, we have helped Ohio home owners through all types of disasters. We work for them—never the insurance company.

A policyholder has the right to representation by a public adjuster at any point in the claims process. But the earlier in the process a public adjuster is involved, the faster a fair settlement can be reached.

The moment of disaster is exactly when you need a trustworthy expert on your side to help you take the right steps and make the best decisions.

Contact Cleveland Public Adjusters before you call your insurance company. We will swiftly review your policy and help you understand what’s covered. We will handle dealings directly with the insurance carrier, guide you through the process, and use all legal means to get you a fair settlement.