Frequently Asked Questions

What is a public adjuster?

A public adjuster works for you, not the insurance company. While the adjuster sent out by the insurer is accountable to his or her employer, a public adjuster is a licensed and indepent professional claims handler whose priority is to advocate for the policy holder in the claims process.

Why should I use a public adjuster?

Filing a property claim can be complicated and overwhelming. Property owners too often accept a lower claim value than what the insurer is capable to provide, and are unsure of their standing to negotiate for more. On average, property claims handled by a public adjuster are funded 30% higher than those that are not. A public adjuster represents your best interests, not the insurance company’s, and brings the expertise to handle the process and ensure you get what you deserve.

Will this be expensive?

We only collect if and when you collect. You pay nothing upfront or out of pocket. For our time and services handling your claim, Cleveland Public Adjusters will receive a reasonable percentage of the overall payout from the insurance company.

Why Cleveland Public Adjusters?

We are consumer advocates licensed by the Ohio Department of Insurance. Our President & Founder worked inside the big insurance industry for years and started Cleveland Public Adjusters to be on the side of property owners. He understands every aspect of the claims process from the perspective of the insurance companies, giving him the insight and experience to successfully negotiate claims.

What Do our Clients Think?

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