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If you’ve suffered home fire damage or a total loss fire, contact Cleveland Public Adjusters. We’ll work to maximize the coverage from your fire insurance claim. We will handle dealings with your insurance company, expedite the claims process, and maximize the settlement you receive.

Get Help With Your Home Fire Insurance Claim

Cleveland Public Adjusters is a trusted resource for homeowners who’ve suffered house fire damage. If you’re in the process of filing a home fire insurance claim, make sure to contact us first!

Many complexities come with insurance policies and fire damage. 

Without a public adjuster, insurance companies provide much lower settlements and take a longer time to issue payouts! It’s important to lean on a public adjuster who is well-experienced with residential fires to help get you what you deserve. 

We’ll stand up for you! Get in touch now to get started!

How We Helped This Working Mother With A Fire She Suffered During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As if COVID-19 didn’t bring its own set of challenges and worries, let’s go ahead and add a house fire into the mix.

Talk about throwing salt in the wound!

Katie Robertson is a young, working mother. She keeps busy caring for her three children at their Lakewood, Ohio home. Worrying about keeping herself and her kids healthy and entertained during the pandemic wasn’t an easy task.

Then her house caught fire. 

The only thing Katie could compare it to was an awful nightmare. Not only was there a stressful toll taken on the family as their belongings and possessions went up in flames, but they struggled to fight for just financial support from their insurance company.

The insurance company’s first fail was not sending one of their adjusters to the home to properly assess the house fire damage. So it’s not surprising that they offered Katie and her family an unfair,  low-ball settlement that didn’t meet their expectations or needs. 

She decided to partner with Cleveland Public Adjusters. 

We visited her fire-damaged home and thoroughly assessed the scene. We went through every detail of her claim and helped calculate the damage to all the goods inside her home. 

We even helped arrange a safe temporary place for Katie and her triplets to live while waiting on funds from the insurance company.

In the end, our team helped to secure a fair settlement for Katie based on the details in her homeowner’s insurance policy. 

“Throughout this process, I have hired a lot of people, but none have been as worthwhile an investment as Cleveland Public Adjusters,” Katie said. “Knowing I didn’t need to worry and that they would do everything possible in their power to help me was an amazing feeling.”

Details That Make Up a House Fire Claim

Insurance companies fall short in their settlements because their focus is usually just on the house damage itself. Instead, the total assessment should be based on a handful of factors.
-What does your fire insurance policy cover? What are its terms?
-How severe is the house fire damage?
-How badly was the structure affected?
-Was personal property destroyed? What’s the net worth of the items?
-Is the structure (or items) repairable, or is it a total loss fire?
We’re experienced advocates licensed by the Ohio Department of Insurance, and we work to maximize the payout per your policy.

If you need help with your home fire insurance claim, contact us today!

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