Commercial Fire Damage Claims

Commercial Fire Insurance Claims

If you’ve suffered fire damage or a total loss fire, contact Cleveland Public Adjusters. We’ll work to maximize the coverage from your fire insurance claim. We will handle dealings with your insurance company, expedite the claims process, and maximize the settlement you receive.

Get Help With Commercial Fire Damage Claims

Commercial fire damage or fire loss can be devastating to any business owner or operator.

But once the dust settles, it’s time to act. 

It’s your responsibility to begin restoring your business because your insurance company won’t do you any favors. They’ll often miss details, cut corners, and take advantage of policyholders by offering lower settlement amounts.

Commercial fire insurance claims are complex and come with intense paperwork that can confuse those unfamiliar with the documents and process. 

Let us worry about fighting the insurance company and getting what you deserve. You worry about getting your business operating back to normal. 

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Commercial Fire Damage Claims – How It Works

Commercial fires are often caused by production or equipment accidents, electrical malfunctions, or on-site cooking mishaps. Whatever the reason, it’s important to understand your policy’s terms and payout limits.

Commercial fire damage can come from the smoke, heat, or soot of an accidental fire. If the damage is severe enough where the business property is beyond repair, it’s a total loss fire. 

In both fire damage and total fire loss cases, Cleveland Public Adjusters can be an advocate for your business. We’ve handled countless cases across a range of industries:

  • Manufacturing and production facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Hotels and apartments
  • Entertainment venues
  • And more

We evaluate the fire damage and closely inspect the insurance policy around its coverage and payouts. 

Our experience, education, and drive set us apart from the rest. We know commercial fire damage, and we know how insurance companies work.

Licensed by the Ohio Department of Insurance, we fight for insurance policyholders and help you get a fair settlement based on your policy’s limits.

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How This Sports Complex Nearly Lost it All From A Disastrous Flood and Fire (And How We Helped!)

Flood Claim Filed With FEMA

The North Ridge Sports Complex has been Northeast Ohio’s premier destination for indoor tennis, pickleball, golf, and fitness since 1973.

This past year, they experienced flooding. A nearby creek, which runs alongside the facility, was the culprit. With more than 2 feet of standing water inside, the indoor tennis court and indoor golf areas were completely ruined.

They reached out for help. The policy would eventually go through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

We assessed the damage and realized it was a much more complex problem than simply cleaning and re-painting (what the insurance company would have covered without our involvement).

We brought in three tennis court construction experts. They helped us recognize that the bubbling under the courts’ surfaces would lead to future damage down the road. 

We also inspected the damage to the sports equipment inside of the complex, and worked these items into the quote.

With proper details in hand, we negotiated a fair settlement with FEMA, while staying within the NFIP guidelines. By interpreting the policy language, we were able to negotiate full coverage in favor of the business owner. 

Fire Damage to the Same Sports Complex

If that wasn’t a bad enough experience for the business, they experienced another (and even more severe) disaster soon after. 

A fire started in the indoor tennis area of the complex. By the time the fire department arrived, the building had sustained severe structural fire damage.

Since we had successfully handed his flood claim, the owner came to us again for help with his fire insurance claim. It was a long process, and he needed someone on his side to advocate on his behalf. 

We negotiated with the insurance adjusting team and outside professionals to verify that our claims were accurate. 

In the end, they agreed to our entire assessment and provided a settlement that covered both the contents and structural damage.

We can help!

We know situations like this are worry-filled and stressful.

Let us not only take some of that burden off your shoulders, but maximize your claim to get every penny that’s owed to you. 

Let us be your advocate. Contact us today!

Contact Us Before Filing Your Fire Claim

If you’ve suffered fire damage to your home or commercial property, stop.

Before you submit your fire claim to the insurance company, first contact us at Cleveland Public Adjusters. We’re experienced advocates licensed by the Ohio Department of Insurance. We’ll work on your behalf to maximize the payout per your policy. Even if you’ve already filed your property fire claim, or already received an unfair settlement, we can still reopen the claim for you and help seek proper payout.

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