Fire Damage Claims

Fire Insurance Claims

If you’ve suffered fire damage or a total loss fire, contact Cleveland Public Adjusters. We’ll work to maximize the coverage from your fire insurance claim. We will handle dealings with your insurance company, expedite the claims process, and maximize the settlement you receive.

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Whether to your home or business, a fire is a devastating situation. Of all disasters, it’s the one that is most damaging and most costly. Once you’ve made sure your family and friends are safe, you’ll need to focus on restoration.

At Cleveland Public Adjusters, we understand how challenging of a time this can be. That’s why we’re here to help offset the financial strain caused by fire damage. We’ll work directly with your insurance company, so you don’t have to.

One Insurance Company Paid Out Less Than 10% of its Policy, Until Cleveland Public Adjusters Stepped In…

There’s a need for public adjusters because insurance companies don’t always provide customers with fair settlements.

In one case, we worked with a residential client who experienced a fire that caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in home property damage. His policy limit was $260,000.

The insurance company had written a clause in its policy where it would pay only the home’s fair market value if the value was less than the cost of repairs (a direct conflict with Ohio law, since it was a financial and physical total loss fire). 

It’s no secret that the market value for homes ranges significantly from street to street in Cleveland, OH. Therefore, the fire claim’s valuation in this case was much lower than the policy limit. In fact, they were only willing to pay $25,000! 

Cleveland Public Adjusters fought this case for eight straight months. Armed with thorough research, detailed cost sheets, and other documentation, we successfully convinced the insurance company that they directly violated an Ohio statute. 

The decision was eventually overturned and we were able to maximize the return based on the policy’s terms, which ended up being a $200,000+ payout!

That’s the role that Cleveland Public Adjusters can play.

Contact us today for help with your fire damage claim.

Contact Us Before Filing Your Fire Claim

If you’ve suffered fire damage to your home or commercial property, stop.

Before you submit your fire claim to the insurance company, first contact us at Cleveland Public Adjusters. We’re experienced advocates licensed by the Ohio Department of Insurance. We’ll work on your behalf to maximize the payout per your policy. Even if you’ve already filed your property fire claim, or already received an unfair settlement, we can still reopen the claim for you and help seek proper payout.

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